Global Pipettes and Accessories Market Growth, Share, Size, Trends and Forecast (2024 - 2030)

By Product Type;

Manual Pipettes and Accessories.

By End User;

Hospitals, Academic and Research Institutes, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies and Others.

By Geography;

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America - Report Timeline (2020 - 2030).
Report ID: Rn186499256 Published Date: May, 2024 Updated Date: June, 2024


Global Pipettes and Accessories Market (USD Million), 2020 - 2030

In the year 2023, the Global Pipettes and Accessories Market was valued at USD 1,333.86 million. The size of this market is expected to increase to USD 1,626.03 million by the year 2030, while growing at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.9%.

The global pipettes and accessories market has experienced substantial growth in recent years, driven by the expanding demand for precise liquid handling in various scientific and medical applications. Pipettes, essential laboratory tools used for transferring specific volumes of liquids, are fundamental in fields such as molecular biology, chemistry, and clinical diagnostics. The market's growth is bolstered by advancements in technology, which have led to the development of more accurate, efficient, and user-friendly pipetting solutions. Additionally, the increasing focus on research and development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors has further fueled the demand for high-quality pipettes and their accessories.

One of the primary factors contributing to the market's expansion is the rise in the number of research laboratories and academic institutions worldwide. These facilities require reliable and precise liquid handling tools to conduct experiments and ensure reproducibility of results. As a result, manufacturers are continuously innovating to offer pipettes that cater to the diverse needs of researchers, including single-channel, multi-channel, and electronic pipettes. Furthermore, the growing emphasis on laboratory automation has led to the integration of pipettes with automated systems, enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing the risk of human error.

The market for pipettes and accessories is also significantly influenced by the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and the subsequent need for advanced diagnostic techniques. Pipettes play a crucial role in various diagnostic procedures, such as PCR and ELISA, which are essential for detecting and monitoring diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic has further underscored the importance of reliable pipetting solutions in diagnostic testing, leading to a surge in demand for pipettes and associated accessories. This trend is expected to continue as healthcare systems worldwide invest in improving their diagnostic capabilities.

In addition to the demand from the healthcare and research sectors, the market is also driven by the stringent regulatory standards governing laboratory practices. Compliance with these regulations necessitates the use of high-precision pipettes to ensure accuracy and consistency in experimental results. Consequently, there is a growing demand for calibration and maintenance services for pipettes, which are critical to maintaining their performance and extending their lifespan. As the global pipettes and accessories market continues to evolve, it is poised for further growth, driven by technological advancements, increasing research activities, and the ongoing need for accurate diagnostic tools.

  1. Introduction
    1. Research Objectives and Assumptions
    2. Research Methodology
    3. Abbreviations
  2. Market Definition & Study Scope
  3. Executive Summary
    1. Market Snapshot, By Product Type
    2. Market Snapshot, By End User
    3. Market Snapshot, By Region
  4. Global Pipettes and Accessories Market Dynamics
    1. Drivers, Restraints and Opportunities
      1. Drivers
        1. Increasing research activities
        2. Rising demand for precision
        3. Technological advancements
        4. Growing healthcare sector
      2. Restraints
        1. High cost of equipment
        2. Stringent regulatory policies
        3. Limited skilled professionals
        4. Risk of contamination
      3. Opportunities
        1. Emerging markets growth
        2. Innovations in product design
        3. Expansion of biotech firms
        4. Increase in laboratory automation
    2. PEST Analysis
      1. Political Analysis
      2. Economic Analysis
      3. Social Analysis
      4. Technological Analysis
    3. Porter's Analysis
      1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
      2. Bargaining Power of Buyers
      3. Threat of Substitutes
      4. Threat of New Entrants
      5. Competitive Rivalry
  5. Market Segmentation
    1. Global Pipettes and Accessories Market, By Product Type, 2020 - 2030 (USD Million)
      1. Manual Pipettes
      2. Accessories
    2. Global Pipettes and Accessories Market, By End User, 2020 - 2030 (USD Million)
      1. Hospitals
      2. Academic and Research Institutes
      3. Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies
      4. Others
    3. Global Pipettes and Accessories Market, By Geography, 2020 - 2030 (USD Million)
      1. North America
        1. United States
        2. Canada
      2. Europe
        1. Germany
        2. United Kingdom
        3. France
        4. Italy
        5. Spain
        6. Nordic
        7. Benelux
        8. Rest of Europe
      3. Asia Pacific
        1. Japan
        2. China
        3. India
        4. Australia & New Zealand
        5. South Korea
        6. ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Countries)
        7. Rest of Asia Pacific
      4. Latin America
        1. Brazil
        2. Mexico
        3. Argentina
        4. Rest of Latin America
      5. Middle East & Africa
        1. GCC
        2. Israel
        3. South Africa
        4. Rest of Middle East & Africa
  6. Competitive Landscape
    1. Company Profiles
      1. Gilson, Inc
      2. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
      3. Eppendorf AG
      4. Sartorius AG
      5. Mettler-Toledo International Inc
      6. Hamilton Company
      7. BRAND GMBH + CO KG
      8. Corning Incorporated
      9. Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc
      10. VWR International LLC
  7. Analyst Views
  8. Future Outlook of the Market