Our Story

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: To develop value-offerings that support our clientele in making great business decisions by constantly redefining the perspectives, challenging the status quos and breaking all the barriers.

Vision: To be a well-recognized market intelligence partner for companies across the industries, that intend to make rapid strides of progress. Our objective is to deliver unparalleled and unprecedented value to our stakeholders who have reposed faith in us.

Spirit of ReAnIn

Customer Value:

We firmly believe that we would succeed only if we are passionate about delivering value to the customers. After all, we prosper as our clients progress.

Inclusive Growth:

We firmly believe that our employees write our success stories. Hence, we focus extensively on our employees’ personal and professional fronts by presenting them with ample opportunities to learn and further their careers.


We are a firm that supports companies in making great decisions. We are cognizant that great decisions happen if our integrity stands unfettered. We are honest in our client interactions, stakeholders’ interactions and above all with our own conscience.


We are responsible global citizens. We care about flora and fauna. We will minimize usage of resources with each passing day as we believe that the world can offer only for human need but not greed.

Our Story

Markets represent jungles and its inhabitants represent companies. Just like markets, each jungle is different in its own way. We as market enthusiasts, are always on the lookout for the lovely tunes and patterns of the jungles. We love the loud buzzing insects, mellifluous humming of the birds, the roar of the lions and the trumpet of the elephants. We equally love the flora of the jungles, as they are equally important in creating the ecosystem. We love the Chinar leaves, the extensively useful Mahogany, the strange looking Baobab trees, the gigantic Buffalo Thorns, the short Savannah trees and the uncountable number of wild species. These trees over the years became indomitable spirit of the jungles. These trees facilitate a lovely music with the wind flowing through them. We understand that they all have something to say.

Beyond these sounds, all these species are thriving. Thriving to sustain. Thriving to make a mark. Thriving to get food. Thriving for dominance. An average person would conclude that any predator in a jungle would lead a good life. Little does the average person know that the lions are relatively slow and catch their prey on less than one attempt in five. Cheetahs are dangerous but one in ten cheetahs hardly lives for more than one year. There are few species which move in herds, eat in herds and live in herds. These species when moving in herds have not done exceptionally well for themselves as they operated on something called “herd mentality”. So, do we conclude that all jungle inhabitants that move in groups have not thrived? No. Our experience suggests that tiny creatures like honey bees on many occasions have attacked the wild cats and were phenomenally successful. The same experience also suggests that endurance has helped them move ahead from time to time. Unfortunately, we have seen that honey bees survive only if there is a healthy distribution of various types of honey bees in that herd. Our experience also suggests that most of the honey bees live only for 200 to 300 days and often die because of pollination issues. In our interaction with the jungles, we also found that many other inhabitants tried to become leaders of the jungles, but very few succeeded.

On our many trips, we have understood that a few animals survived. We have also understood that this is one of the perfect representations of survival of the best. Those animals which understood the game of survival are alive and kicking. They are definitely not just the big cats, the survivors include the vegetarians like elephants, giraffes, deer, boars, hippos and rhinos. Many of these animals remain silent for most of the time and exhibit prowess only when the situation demands. We have also seen that many make hay while the sun shines. We have also noticed that many trees expand their roots for the sake of water - an act deliberately meant for thriving.

We have observed that the trees continued to survive and in fact paid out rich dividends to the entire ecosystem by believing in their relentless pursuits and constantly changing for the better. These trees not only survived but also gave shelter to the ‘kings of the jungles’.

By constant observation, we have understood that for any inhabitant to survive in the jungle, it should have an intelligent decision-making process. We at ReAnIn, are number crunchers, with a penchant for patterns, here to help the inhabitants of the jungle to prosper by making that big leap. With our market intelligence, we are sure that you will make rapid strides of progress and deliver the shareholder value that you have been thinking of.