Global Adjustable Bed Base and Bed Set Market Growth, Share, Size, Trends and Forecast (2024 - 2030)

By End-User;

Residential and Non-residential.

By Distribution Channel;

Offline and Online.

By Geography;

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America - Report Timeline (2020 - 2030).
Report ID: Rn156509455 Published Date: May, 2024 Updated Date: June, 2024


Global Adjustable Bed Base and Bed Set Market (USD Million), 2020 - 2030

In the year 2023, the Global Adjustable Bed Base and Bed Set Market was valued at USD 4,180.49 million. The size of this market is expected to increase to USD 7,730.89 million by the year 2030, while growing at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.2%.

The global adjustable bed base and bed set market is witnessing a surge in demand driven by evolving consumer preferences towards personalized comfort and wellness. Adjustable beds have transcended their traditional medical utility to become a mainstream choice for consumers seeking customizable sleeping solutions. This shift is fueled by a growing awareness of the importance of quality sleep for overall health and well-being. As a result, the market is experiencing robust growth, with manufacturers innovating to offer a diverse range of features and designs to cater to varying consumer needs and preferences.

One of the key drivers of growth in the adjustable bed base and bed set market is the aging population, particularly in developed regions. As individuals age, they are more likely to experience health issues such as back pain, arthritis, and sleep disorders, driving the demand for adjustable beds that can alleviate discomfort and improve sleep quality. Furthermore, technological advancements in mattress materials and sleep tracking technologies are enhancing the appeal of adjustable bed sets, offering consumers greater control and insight into their sleep patterns.

Changing lifestyles and preferences among younger demographics are also contributing to the market growth. Millennials and Gen Z consumers, known for prioritizing wellness and sustainability, are increasingly drawn to adjustable bed sets for their ergonomic benefits and eco-friendly features. This demographic shift is prompting manufacturers to incorporate sustainable materials and smart technologies into their products, further expanding the market's reach and appeal.

  1. Introduction
    1. Research Objectives and Assumptions
    2. Research Methodology
    3. Abbreviations
  2. Market Definition & Study Scope
  3. Executive Summary
    1. Market Snapshot, By End-User
    2. Market Snapshot, By Distribution Channel
    3. Market Snapshot, By Region
  4. Global Adjustable Bed Base and Bed Set Market Dynamics
    1. Drivers, Restraints and Opportunities
      1. Drivers
        1. Aging Population
        2. Health and Wellness Trends
        3. Technological Advancements
        4. Home Healthcare Market Expansion
      2. Restraints
        1. High Cost
        2. Limited Awareness
        3. Infrastructure Constraints
        4. Regulatory Compliance
      3. Opportunities
        1. Emerging Markets
        2. Partnerships and Collaborations
        3. Customization and Personalization
        4. E-commerce Expansion
    2. PEST Analysis
      1. Political Analysis
      2. Economic Analysis
      3. Social Analysis
      4. Technological Analysis
    3. Porter's Analysis
      1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
      2. Bargaining Power of Buyers
      3. Threat of Substitutes
      4. Threat of New Entrants
      5. Competitive Rivalry
  5. Market Segmentation
    1. Global Adjustable Bed Base and Bed Set Market, By End-User, 2020- 2030 (USD Million)
      1. Residential
      2. Non-residential
    2. Global Adjustable Bed Base and Bed Set Market, By Distribution Channel, 2020- 2030 (USD Million)
      1. Offline
      2. Online
    3. Global Adjustable Bed Base and Bed Set Market, By Geography, 2020- 2030 (USD Million)
      1. North America
        1. United States
        2. Canada
      2. Europe
        1. Germany
        2. United Kingdom
        3. France
        4. Italy
        5. Spain
        6. Nordic
        7. Benelux
        8. Rest of Europe
      3. Asia Pacific
        1. Japan
        2. China
        3. India
        4. Australia & New Zealand
        5. South Korea
        6. ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Countries)
        7. Rest of Asia Pacific
      4. Middle East & Africa
        1. GCC
        2. Israel
        3. South Africa
        4. Rest of Middle East & Africa
      5. Latin America
        1. Brazil
        2. Mexico
        3. Argentina
        4. Rest of Latin America
  6. Competitive Landscape
    1. Company Profiles
      1. Tempur Sealy International, Inc
      2. Leggett & Platt, Incorporated
      3. Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC
      4. Sleep Number Corporation
      5. Craftmatic Adjustable Beds
      6. Reverie
      7. Ergomotion
      8. Primo International
      9. Boyd Sleep
      10. Classic Brands
  7. Analyst Views
  8. Future Outlook of the Market